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The work of the Bestari Laboratory for a Sustainable Economy in Sintang

January 24, 2024

A total of 41 development partner institutions from various sectors contributed to realizing the dream of Sintang Lestari. They have worked together in 133 villages out of a total of 391 villages in Sintang Regency. One of them is PT Semesta Sintang Lestari (SSL) – an innovation & production center in Sintang Regency – which develops various nature-based downstream products.

SSL manages the Bestari Innovation Laboratory to explore various potential natural resources in Sintang Regency. “Currently laboratory activities focus on albumin research from channa fish such as toman fish (channa micropeltes), snakehead fish (channa striata), cage fish (channa pleuropthalma), runtuk fish (channa Lucius), and piang fish (channa maruliodes). ” said Radiman, Director of SSL.

Inspired by Alam Siak Lestari, SSL also developed an albumin product called Albuneo. Local communities can run this innovative business model, which is estimated to have a global market value of 6.7 million US dollars in 2026. The albumin market size is directly proportional to the enthusiasm of the local market. “We have conducted market research in Sintang, and the market response has been very positive because so far albumin products come from outside Sintang Regency, even from outside Kalimantan,” added Radiman.

Apart from Albuneo, the Bestari Innovation Lab will also release several products made from snakehead fish, including liquid albumin, gelatin, fish oil and fish meal which can be processed into various foods.

Currently SSL is exploring opportunities for collaboration with local governments to develop ‘Bischo’ high protein biscuits derived from fish meal to prevent stunting for children. In the future, this product will be encouraged to become one of Sintang Regency’s superior product innovations.

Thanks to its work, SSL received the Sintang Regency Development Partner Award last December.
Thanks to its work, SSL received the Sintang Regency Development Partner Award last December.