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Special Edition Newsletter: GPDRR 2022

Indonesia is honored to host the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) in Bali, 23-28 May 2022. This is confirming Indonesia’s position as an important actor in the post-pandemic world disaster agenda. 

The Collective of Nature-Based Innovations for Disaster Resilience (consisting of Siak, Sintang, Sigi Regencies -members of LTKL and APKASI-, Alam Siak Lestari, PDW, Katingan Mentaya Project, Generasi Lestari, and Sikola Mombine Foundation) was chosen to be an exhibitor in Innovation Platform GPDRR 2022 due to their innovation in natural-based disaster resilience that has been practiced in regions. Find out more about the innovations through Special Edition Newsletter: GPDRR 2022.

May 23, 2023



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