Annual Report LTKL 2023-2024

Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL) or Sustainable District Association is a district association that aims to realize the vision of a sustainable economy through a spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration. LTKL has nine member districts in six provinces in Indonesia and works with 27 development network partners at global, national and regional levels. After completing Phase 1 “Berakar” (growing roots) (2017-2022), LTKL has now entered Phase 2 “Tumbuh” (Growth) (2023-2025), which is very important for fostering and strengthening institutions, partnerships and foundations. LTKL ecosystem capacity, with clear direction in achieving the 2030 target.

This annual report contains:

  • Get to know the LTKL profile more closely
  • LTKL in Numbers
  • Capacity Building based on 5 Pillars
  • Public and Non-Public Incentives
  • Collective Action
  • LTKL Secretariat
  • District Progress
July 8, 2024




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LTKL Annual Report 2024 is Now Available!

Discover the journey and achievements of the collective actions by Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari coalition and its 9 member districts towards ecosystem protection and economy transformation. Explore the various initiatives and impacts that have been cumulatively achieved until June 2024

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